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Are you unhappy with the look of your smile? Do you sometimes wish that you could revolutionize its appearance it without dozens of trips to the dentist or orthodontist? With Snap-On Smile®, you can do just that.

Snap-On Smile® is a laid-back, cost-effective and pain-free way to obtain a gorgeous smile. It’s a custom-made removable dental appliance that fits over your existing teeth, correcting any cosmetic flaws. Made of durable resin, it can be matched to the shade of your choice. You can even eat and drink while wearing it. It’s easy to care for and available for upper teeth, lower teeth or both. There is no need for shots, drilling or changes to your actual teeth. This is a great choice for people with gaps, crooked, stained or missing teeth or patients who aren’t candidates for bridges or implants.

The process is simple and can be completed in only two visits. At your first appointment, you’ll pick the style and shade of your smile. Then your dentist, Dr. Jamine Rogers will form a mold of your teeth called an impression. In about three weeks, you’ll come back in for a final fitting and wear your Snap-On Smile® home.

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