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If you have a missing tooth and you are too old for the tooth fairy to come, Dr. Jamine C. Rogers at Shoals Smile By Design might suggest a dental bridge. Here are some questions and answers about dental bridges:

What is a dental bridge?
It’s composed of a false tooth called a pontic and a crown on both sides which serve as anchors. A dental bridge can be fixed to your gums or removable depending on your needs. Usually bridges are made of a very durable porcelain and look exactly like your natural teeth.

How long do fixed bridges last?
On average, a bridge lasts about five to seven years. If you take excellent care of your bridge and other teeth, it may last over ten years.

Is it hard to eat with a dental bridge?

Actually, you’ll have more teeth to chew your food, so the bridge will actually make it easier for you to eat.

Will the dental bridge change how I speak?
Did you know your teeth help you speak correctly? A bridge functions just as well as natural teeth and will improve the clarity of your speaking voice.

If you are interested in getting a dental bridge, call 256-314-0676 here in Muscle Shoals, Alabama today to schedule an appointment.