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Have you ever heard anything about oral piercings? In reality, this type of piercing has become a fairly popular trend, but did you know that they come with a number of problems that you should watch for? For instance, the piercing’s jewelry may have small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Furthermore, did you know that there are other serious risks connected with oral piercings?

Regardless of which area of your mouth is pierced, the piercing could hit against your teeth on a regular basis. While this may not seem like a major problem, it could potentially fracture or crack your pearly whites. Again, while an injured tooth may not seem extremely serious, please remember to address this issue as soon as you can. You see, if not treated, a cracked tooth could lead to cavities, tooth loss, sensitive teeth, and may even leave you more vulnerable to oral infections or gum disease.

The oral piercing itself may also lead to a number of issues. For instance, a piercing will create an injury in your mouth, which opens you up to several infections. Similarly, the jewelry in the piercing can harbor bacteria, which will also leave you more vulnerable to several oral infections. If your mouth does get infected, it may eventually swell, making it much harder to breath. Finally, if your piercing hits a nerve, you could experience numbness—which may or may not fade.

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