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Our dentist may recommend dental fillings if you are suffering from a small or moderate cavity and need to have the tooth repaired. While the placement process for dental fillings involves hardening the filling and cementing it to the tooth using a dental adhesive, the passage of time can still affect the quality of your filling. Over the years, the bacteria that naturally builds in your mouth can cause your dental filling to fail and weaken the dental adhesive that keeps it in place.

We encourage you to know the symptoms of a failing dental filling so that you can qualify for conservative treatment due to early detection.

For example, you may be alerted to your dental filling going bad if you feel a sharp pain in the tooth whenever you use it to bite down and chew food. The filling could also undergo a change in texture that you may notice, especially if the filling was placed close enough to your tongue for you to feel it.

If you see that the tooth enamel surrounding the dental filling has started to turn a slight gray shade, this could be a reason to be concerned, as it may result from bacteria invading the area where the tooth enamel and the filling meet. The development of a new cavity in the tooth may cause the filling to become loose and even fall out or result in tooth decay reaching the interior structure.

Depending on your situation, our dentist may be able to repair your compromised filling by placing a larger filling after removing more of the tooth enamel. However, if the tooth has been affected by new tooth decay that weakened its health, a dental crown may be a more effective option. Tooth decay that has reached the pulp and tooth root may only be treatable with root canal therapy because the decayed material needs to be removed to restore the tooth.

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