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How much does it cost to see the dentist?

It is not possible to diagnose any tooth issues over the phone without seeing you. Dr. Jamine Rogers makes every effort to keep our costs reasonable, but it is necessary for us to see you first before quoting any fees. We will always give you a cost of treatment plan estimate and obtain your permission before we complete any procedures.

What’s the difference between a “white” filling and a “silver” filling?

Composite fillings are commonly referred to as “white” fillings. Amalgam, or “silver,” fillings are the standard for all dental offices. However, with the advancement of dental technologies, composite (tooth colored) fillings are now available and are cosmetically pleasing to the patient. Generally, most insurance companies will allow the choice between a composite and an amalgam filling, but some still reject the composite fillings all together in the back teeth. We will be happy to check your benefits for you and give you a treatment cost for both the amalgam and the composite filling.

What is the difference in a “cap” and a crown?

They are the same procedure. The general public will often refer to a dental crown as a “cap”.

What is the procedure for a crown?

If the dentist recommends that you have a crown placed on your tooth, you may have one of two available options, depending on your tooth structure. The first option is a same-day CEREC restoration, and the second option is a lab-generated porcelain restoration that would require two separate day visits, generally two weeks apart, which will require you to wear a temporary crown during that time.

If you have any further questions about our dental care in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, please call our office today!