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As a kid, if you ever spent time at grandma and grandpa’s house you likely saw their teeth sitting in a jar of water on the counter or in their room. As a child, that’s not always a pleasant sight. In fact, it can be a bit frightening!

You likely don’t want to end up needing dentures when you get older, so that’s why our team here at Shoals Smile by Design in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, put this post together. We’ll look at a few ways you can prevent the need for dentures in your future.

Oral health regimen

The first step is establishing a routine oral health regimen that you adhere to as strictly as possible. Brushing twice daily, flossing once, and using mouthwash after brushing are three things you must do if you want to keep all of your teeth well into old age.

Regular checkups

You also need to make sure that you visit Dr. Jamine Rogers on a regular basis as well. Regular dental checkups at an important part of keeping your oral health in the best shape possible. These checkups can spot cavities before they’re seen or felt, they remove tartar (hardened plaque that can cause gum disease) and also screen for oral cancer. All of these things are imperative to keeping your real teeth in your head for your entire life.

At the end of the day, you’re the only one who can prevent tooth loss in yourself, and it’s up to you to do the work necessary to keep your teeth in as good of shape as possible.

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