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Have you ever given your child a pacifier? Have you caught them sucking their thumb? Do you ever wonder if either of these habits is safe?

As you’ve probably realized, your child typically sucks their thumb for comfort. Thumb sucking is natural and typically won’t cause problems for young children. Sadly, if your child sucks their thumb after they are six years old, they could slant their teeth or damage the top of their mouth. Fortunately, most children   stop sucking their thumbs on their own before they are six years old.

When it comes to pacifiers, don’t worry. You are not a horrible parent f you decide to soothe your child. However, you should try to stop your child from taking a pacifier before they are four years old. Fortunately—much like they will for thumb sucking—children will usually stop using a pacifier before they are four years old. However, if your child sucks vigorously after they are four, they could narrow their mouth, change the alignment of their teeth, and cause painful jaw problems.

If you are hoping to help your child break either of these habits, please remember that you can take to take away a pacifier, but not a thumb—making thumb sucking a harder habit to break. If you decide to take the pacifier away, please be sure to look for potential hiding spots. Your children could be more resourceful than you expect. Also, be careful when covering your child’s thumb. While it may help, it can also cause anxiety that actually increases their desire to suck. Finally, since thumb sucking and pacifiers are used to reduce anxiety, we recommend not punishing your child for sucking as this may cause increase anxiety. Instead, please reward them for abstaining.

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