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Cavities occur when your teeth develop tooth decay, a very risky oral health condition that is caused by poor oral health, especially if you have a carb-rich diet or don’t receive dental checkups. If a cavity is affecting your smile, we invite you to seek dental treatment right away.

Children are often considered the main victims of tooth decay, but any patients can be vulnerable to risk factors for cavities. If you have tooth decay around old dental fillings or have had weak oral health in the past, you may be more likely to develop a cavity.

You may not experience any symptoms of cavities, but if you experience a persistent tooth pain or tooth sensitivity when you eat something hot or cold, these could be common signs of a cavity. The appearance of a hole in the tooth will tell you if you have tooth decay in your smile. If you maintain your dental checkups with the dentist, we can diagnose a cavity that you may not have been aware of.

You can receive customized treatment for cavities depending on the severity of the decay. An amalgam or composite dental filling can treat small cavities. Larger cavities where not much tooth enamel remains may require root canal therapy and a dental crown. However, is the tooth decay is severe enough, our dentist may determine that tooth extraction is needed.

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